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The Mamala's story is an old one steeped in the traditional baking of Mandel Bread by our Eastern European ancestors and passed down through the generations. The Gerwin sisters have kept the tradition alive baking their Mandel Bread for family, friends, and neighbors. When the demand for this delicious twice-baked Jewish biscotti became relentless Mamala's Mandel Bread was born.


Mandel Bread has its origins in the 15th Century Jewish communities of Italy and is related to the Italian Biscotti. When the Jewish population of Italy migrated throughout Europe they took the recipe with them. The dough was originally made with almonds (mandels) in the form of a loaf, sliced
and baked twice to achieve a crunchy texture.
One of our favorite versions includes chocolate chips.

In the early 1900s, our grandparents migrated to America along with the recipe.
Mamala’s is happy to carry on this tradition and share it with all of you.


— Melinda, Newton, MA

“Imagine sitting with a cup of cappuccino at three in the afternoon. Glorious, right?
But not perfect without the addition of a crispy, crumbly sweet, but not too sweet, slice of Mamala’s Mandel Bread. Described as the Jewish biscotti - but oh, so much more delicious!
A perfect reward for getting up in the morning, or completing a tiresome task or
making it until three o’clock in the afternoon.”

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